Chemical Feed Equipment

Our equipment and systems will handle most industrial and municipal gas, dry material, and liquid chemical feed requirements for water and wastewater applications. Complete information and specifications are available at links below. Contact us with your application requirements and we will be glad to help you select and price the proper equipment.

Dry chemical and product feed items - bag frames, control gates, conveyor scales, powder to liquid mixers, weighbelt feeders, and volumetric feeders are manufactured by Tecnetic Industries at:


NORWECO equipment and chemicals treat the wastewater from municipal,  industrial or manufacturing process such as cooling tower, food or animal processing plant or any type of manufacturing process that generates wastewater. The flow usually contains domestic wastewater and high concentrations of a variety of organic and/or chemical compounds. Typical treatment flow volume ranges from several hundred to several million GPD.

Please visit NORWECO at, JEM offers discounts on the complete product line.


Liquid chemical feed equipment and systems including analyzers and controllers for numerous industrial and municipal applications are available from world class manufacturers of products that clearly outdistance the competition. Contact JEM with application, pricing, and ordering requests after visiting: Grundfos Dosing at:

Polymer systems

The Tempest Series of liquid polymer feed and control stations are designed to provide maximized polymer performance without the hassles and headaches these applications cause for water treatment professionals.  If you require more complex or customized designs... we can help. Liquid or Dry... we can help.  Standard polymer pumps are by Grundfos, many other brands are also available.  Visit the Tempest site at and then check back with us for best pricing.